Contextual translation of “mama kuthuru” into English. Human translations with examples: uncle, spade, அம்மா, thread, mamaya, athamma, daughter. Telugu Boothu Kathalu Maama Kuturu Ni Denga Katha · Pandurangadu sold for 22 crores · Bavina Hot Pics(15 Photos) · Amala Paul Hot Pics. Father-in-law – Maama Uncle (mother’s brother) – Maama/ Mamayya Niece – Kuturu (If she is brother’s daughter)/ Menakodalu(If she is.

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I call upon Nadeem to come out with Urdu equivalent to those relations.

As we all know the relationship in English like Father, mother etc; I wish to know them in our Indian languages. It is a golden opportunity to learn the relationship in various languages.

These are some of the relationships in Oriya language. Naama, in most kooturru the mother’s brother is a word related to mother. No life without Sun. Members may follow me with their own language equivalents. I made a ‘google’ for some words for Kannada equivalent. Just try and complete all the relationship I koituru mentioned from Mother to Lover. Let us learn the relationship in our regional languages Members, This thread is to know about the equivalent words for relationship existing kokturu a family.

What about the rest states! ISC has members from various states speaking different languages. Jagdispatro, Good to see your Oriya equivalents. I would like to share our relations in Telugu. But each language proides that that is their word.


Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference. Father-in-law – Mamanar Mother-in-law – Mamiyaar Sons’ or daughters’ in-laws – Sammandhi but you have mentioned in sister-in-law Grand Mother – additional Aaya can be added Wife or husband – Thunaivi or thunaivan seems to be does not fit If MK sees!

Sun, Just I have gone through your thread.

What could be the good reason for their absence in this thread. To start with I am posting the Tamil equivalents to English.

Let us be Indian and learn Indian languages. From that I observed that in all the southern languages, the mother-in-law or father-in;law is a word derived from the equivalent for maternal uncle or maternal aunt.

Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. Regards Chitra “Do not give up, things might not favour you always”.

Mama kuthuru in English with contextual examples

This is the good kootugu initiated by Sun and we have the opportunity to learn the relations in various languages. As the child first learns to open and close its lips for food, the first words also use the lips and hence in most languages mother kootufu mother’s brother have words which use lips open and close with straight sound coming out.


The Malayalam words for these relations are: If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link maamq.

I expect the members from northern states to pour in with their responses. Members, I expected more through this thread from members from different states of India. We normally use the same word for grand son and gran daughter. But they are incomplete. But some additional words in Tamil I would like to add, either you can add in your post or leave as per your wish.

Let us learn the relationship in our regional languages

But the non-south languages have separate independent terms for them. Kootutu the above there are contribution in all Southern languages except Kannada. You must Sign In to post a response. Sun It is really interesting to know the relationship in regional languages and so far we came to know Telugu and Marathi other than Tamil.

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