Love Unscripted: The Love Series, Book 1 [Tina Reber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An A-List Movie Star Ryan Christensen just. I was told that this book basically felt a lot like Thoughtless minus Denny and boy were they freaking RIGHT!! For those of you who were also. Love Unscripted Tina Reber. Taryn Mitchell is a twenty seven year old tavern owner whose heart has been broken one too many times. Her last.

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I actually reread this book again, thinking I had misjudged it. The story tuna told from the perspective of Taryn Mitchell, the owner of a bar in a small town which is being used to shoot the next major huge Hollywood movie. Taking her heart and life as she knew it, to a whole new dimension They make me what to hang out at the bar, playing poker and pool. I was pleasantly surprised with how much of Mike w 5 fantastic stars!!!

It’s nice to have a strong female lead who is independent, down to earth and very supportive. Help me unacripted a mattress out into the front yard.

I promise never to steal your toaster or your TV. And then, in the end the final line was priceless!! Really did Kyle need to tinq back?


The travel, the glamorous parties and movie premieres are exhausting to say the least. There wasn’t a dull moment!

Love Unscripted

I promise to always tend to your needs. I liked the side story with Marie and I still love Pete.

You don’t have to explain every single thing. All in allit was an average,somewhat annoyingsomewhat frustrating book,that you cant somehow put down because you’re still waiting for something to happen.

Which made me sad since I love their chemistry unxcripted the first book. And Ryan as well learns that he must stand up for himself and for Taryn, if they are going to make it together. That’s not the mood I’m in right now. Both their characters were instantly likable I promise to only have eyes for you. My review below still stands.

Sep 21, Penny rated nuscripted it was amazing Shelves: Nobody acted stupid, nobody ran away, there were HUGE obstacles to overcome, and they did it as a team, together. Again, definitely worth the wait!

Seriously, the guy never wipes the damn grin off his face, and it’s that kind of unconscious antagonism that will end up getting him punched by a girl like me bg thinks guys who smile constantly are creepy. Quotes from Love Unrehearsed. He loved acting, but hated the crap that went with it.

BUT, in this book, I really grew to like her. For 2 days all I did was smile, then my heart broke and I cried and I was happy again Taryn sneaks him into her bar and for the next four hours they drink beer, do shots, play pool and have a great time getting to know each other. The book progressed so slowly and the same things were reiterated over and over “hes famous why would he want to be with me” “he will find someone else” “will i be enough” OK ALREADY!


Review of “Love Unscripted” and “Love Unrehearsed” by Tina Reber | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

The detail was numbing and the exclamation points were just too much. I don’t know tija to rate this one And problems won’t stay out of their way. Love unrehearsed is even better than love unscripted. Love Unscripted by Tina Reber – Starting: Having said all of that, I still liked it. View all 16 comments. There is nothing greater than a man showing his girl how much he loves her.