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Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra – Wikipedia

Whence does it arise? Who is it that breaks through this triple existence? Latest items Zuzuki we are? Do not cling in [thy] will to such notions as ego, personality, soul, etc. According to the Vijnaptimatra, the world is nothing but ideas, there are no realities behind them; but the Cittamatra states that there is nothing but Citta, Mind, in the world and that the world is the objectification of Mind.

Book Extract: Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra by D.T. Suzuki

My teacher is Sangharakshita and the Triratna Buddhist Community and he’s keen on the sutra, though he doesn’t say much duzuki it if you search it on FreeBuddhistAudio.

This Paravritti, according to the Lankatakes place in the Alaya-vijnana or All-conserving Mind, which is assumed to exist behind our individual empirical consciousnesses.

This kind of knowledge does not help us to have an insight into the depths of being. The notion of the transformation-body inevitably follows from the Buddha’s desire to save the ignorant whose minds are not enlightened enough to see straightway into the essence of Buddhahood.

The Lankavatara Sutra

In paragraphing too I have often disregarded Nanjo. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Reflecting wutra the Alaya and imagining it to be an ego, Manas clings to it as if it were reality and disposes of the reports of the six Vijnanas accordingly. Where is the city?

To be cured of the disease, therefore, they must put an end to the continuous activities of this dualistic poisoning. Keeping thy seat of thought free from [false] discrimination, observe well what is to be subdued at each stage; ponder things with wisdom; [seeing into] the nature of the inner principle in thyself, abide in the bliss of Samadhi; embraced by the Buddhas in Samadhi, abide in the bliss of tranquillisation; going beyond the Samadhi and understanding attained by the Sravakas and Pratyekabuddhas, abide in [the attainment of the Bodhisattvas] in the stages of Acala, Sadhumati, and Dharmamegha; grasp well the egolessness of all things in its true significance; be anointed by the Buddhas in Samadhi at the great palace of lotus-jewels.


And this is eloquently embodied in the Lankavatara-sutra. How does it cease from being visible?

A Descriptive Catalog T “. According to Asanga Tillekharatna, “it is generally believed that the sutra was compiled during CE,” although “many who have studied the sutra are of opinion that the introductory chapter and the last two chapters were added to the book at a later period.

Hearing him speak thus, the Lord of the Triple World said, “King of Eutra, this mountain of precious sutrra was visited by the Leaders in the past. To conclude this section, Buddhism is the story of relationship between the two groups of beings: Said the Blessed One: Accompanied by elaborate notes and critical apparatus, Suzukis translation is the definitive English version of this intricate Sanskrit text.

It is Svabuddhi, innate in oneself; Nirabhasa, or Anabhasa imagelessnessbeyond all forms of tangibility; Nirvikalpa, beyond discrimination, lznkavatara direct empirical knowledge before analysis starts in any form whatever; which therefore is not at all expressible by means of words vac or ruta.

This is again called seeing into the emptiness of things. Strictly speaking, the Alaya is not a Vijnana, has no discerning power in suta it indiscriminately harbours all that is poured into it through the channel of the Vijnanas.

The verses are generally meant for memorising the principal doctrines, and they give sometimes no sense when they are separately considered, for some watch-words only are rhythmically lanakvatara to facilitate the memory. Retrieved from ” https: The most significant one is Vastu, which is found coupled with Tathata in one place p.


To suffer or atone vicariously is still negative and fails to entirely satisfy our spiritual needs. But the verses being too concise and often merely mnemonic, one finds it too risky to cut them up into groups and to take the latter as containing so many definite sets of thoughts.

Lord of Lanka, what are dharmas? There are many other thoughts of interest in the Lanka which may be discussed in this Introduction. At any rate the Mahayana idea of the Buddha being able to impart his power to others marks one of those epoch-making deviations which set off the Mahayana from so-called primitive or original Buddhism. His universe, moreover, was far wider and more spiritualistic than our ordinary one.

For thoughts of deep signification are presented in a most unsystematic manner. The Chinese scholars encountered the same difficulties centuries ago, and as in those days there was no lower or higher criticism of the sacred texts, every tradition was respected on its face value.

Vowing to save all beings, which is technically known as Purva-pranidhana in Sitra terminology, cannot even for a moment be separated from the life of the Bodhisattva. As it is the most ancient reality, its realisation means returning to one’s own original abode in which everything one sees around is an old familiar object. The reading may be tedious from the modern point of view as the main theme is not so succinctly presented, and it takes some time before the reader can get into the mood of the sutra itself.

Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra

Where is the way of emancipation? Daiden rated it really liked it Jan 08, The Buddha is thus personal as well as metaphysical. This realisation is also a kind of knowledge though different from what is generally known by this name.