Other tiles in Vendome by La Faenza. E W 30×20 cm La Faenza Vendome; E B 30×20 cm La Faenza Vendome; E 36W 60x LA FAENZA _ VENDOME_very plitka-vendome-la-faenza-monoceram- _12 LaFaenza is the brand of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola that produces. La Faenza Vendome tiles with cementine effect for the best price. Buy ceramic tiles in Sognando Casa Shop.

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Настенная плитка Lafaenza Vendome 36P2

Dolce Vita Monopole Ceramica 1. Caprichio De Los Zares 4. Fiori di Pesca 4. Nouvelle Nouvelle is the Lafaenza Ceramica collection in which elegant wood veins, sinuous, knotted or with a broader reach, are the absolute stars of a sophisticated covering. Pietra Di Firenze 6. Wood Ceramica de LUX Ordino Dual Gres 1. Raindance Select E Carrara Ceramica de LUX 8.

Devit La faenza Fly Vendome

Fiori Golden Tile 5. Suitable for rooms with a classic style, Vendrome gives them an inimitable colour richness and the highest definition decorative details.


La Cucina Alessi 2. Travertino Ceramica de LUX 5. Shower Tablet Select 4. Life Ceramica Gomez 2.

Amazzonia is the glazed porcelain tile for flooring and coverings featured in rooms with the tactile atmosphere of an all-natural material. Botticino Ceramica de LUX 3. Le Marais Vendlme 1.

La Faenza Vendome – Sognando Casa Shop

Monocolor Golden Tile 2. Ideal both for contemporary styles and for rooms with a retro feel. Chic Dual Gres Atelier Ceramica de LUX 4. Volga Ceramica Gomez 4. Absolute Zeus Ceramica 7.

Tivoli Del Conca lafaennza. Dolce Vita Cicogres 1. Explorer Explorer is the collection of iron-effect glazed porcelain stoneware tiles that shows the natural elegance of rusted materials. Brickstone Zeus Ceramica 4. Camelot APE Ceramica 6.

Pietra Del Friuli 3. Vendome Vendome is the Lafaenza Ceramica double-fired tile collection inspired by the richest, most elegant Provencal wallpaper designs or the classical-style, iconographic decorations of Roman columns. Concrete Golden Tile 2. Bali APE Ceramica Canada APE Ceramica 1. Cotto Cerado Blitz 3.


Travertino Zeus Ceramica 3. Selene Ceramica de LUX 2. Croma Select S 7. Verona Ceramica de LUX 2. Mulini Di Canepa 1.


Double-fired coverings – 20×20 cm; Glazed porcelain flooring – 50×50 cm; in beige, yellow, orange, brown, white, aquamarine, light blue, navy blue. Ocean Golden Tile 5. Fusion Lasselsberger Rako 5. Magic Golden Tile 3.

Nouvelle is the Lafaenza Ceramica collection in which elegant wood veins, sinuous, knotted or with a lafaenzq reach, are the absolute stars of a sophisticated covering. Double-fired coverings and Glazed porcelain flooring Use for: Chalet Zeus Ceramica 8. Emperador Ceramica Gomez 2. It is a contemporary covering for interior design, with a technological soul and natural features.

Velvet Golden Tile 7. Petra Monopole Ceramica Murano Monopole Ceramica Matisse The Lafaenza Ceramica Matisse collection is a pure creative demonstration of the highest quality ceramic material. Lord APE Ceramica Cottage Zeus Ceramica 4.