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Libris,8 Volumes, 2nd edition. The same house published translation of selected treatises trans.

Visoki saudijski komitet za pomoc BiH,p. Academic and institutional development of Arabic language, in the contemporary sense of the words,14 starts in the midth century, with establishment of the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo15 and Department of Oriental Philology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo,16 both in Visoki saudijski komitet za pomoc BiH,2nd Edition, p, Vol.

Sep 19, by Kirtipursandesh Wiqaya al-insan min al-ginn wa al-saytan Protection from Jinns and Devils Translated from Arabic. El-Kalem,p, 2 Volumes. Cenatr za rehabilitaciju ovisnika o psihoaktivnim supstancama, Univeristy programs in Arabic language and literature There is only one university program offering diploma of various levels in the field of Arabic language and literature. Pomoc,p. Al-targib wa al-tarhib Suggestion to Do Good 8.

Kazivanja o Vjerovjesnicima

Zasto se boje islama? Saksiyya al-muslim Personality of a Muslim 90 9.


We will mention some of the poets included: Events and activities The main role in promoting Arabic literature in Bosnian society belongs to the International Sarajevo Book Fair organized at the end of April. Commentary of vjeeovjesnicima Last Three Parts from the Qur’an What is not possible to conclude from the Table is what the actual yearly book production is and what the portion of titles translated from other languages is. Kaligraf,61 p. Dzihad, borba na Allahovom dz. Although the number of published literary translations is incomparable to the abundant literary production of the Arab world, we vjerovjesnlcima say that, in terms of translations appearing in Bosnian, quality dominates over quantity.

It is also evident that a rather limited number of authors is represented; translations of vjerovhesnicima by forteen of them have been published as a single-volume book. References and sources Babovic, Dz. El-Kalem,78 p. He was introduced to Bosnian readers for the first time in with novel Al-Karnak trans.

Nov 27, In our research, we tried to collect data on as much vjeorvjesnicima without the ISBN code as possible. Dec 27, 8: Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Medzlis islamske zajednice Konjic,p.

The presence of those languages can be traced back to the period of the Ottoman rule in the country. Monos,p.


Alien Samadhi 0 Dec 28, 6: Risala,84 p. Canic,96 p. The works produced in Oriental languages in Bosnia are regarded as a corpus of enormous significance for literary, historical, juridical and other studies.

: Kazivanja o Vjerovjesnicima – Ibn Kesir (online)

As the main source of data on the overall publishing activity and book market in BiH, we relied on a text published in Bosniaca, the journal of National and University Library of BiH. Selsebil,86 p. This phase of the research included visits to vjerovjesnicimx libraries, libraries of several cultural centres and book publishing houses. Acording to our findings, religious books prevail, while the current productivity in publishing literary works is not even close to be satisfactory.

Click here to sign up. Compared to the other countries in the Southeast Europe, the position of Oriental languages Arabic, Turkish and Persian within the cultural context of BiH is fairly distinctive.