Format Ddst – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fill Formulir Ddst Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Not the form you were looking for? Search By Safarotul Hidayah in FORMULIR DDST II. The calculated percentiles for each item were used in graphing the DDST-SL in the same format as DDST-II. Each item/milestone is represented by a bar.

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Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It was explained to her that the DDST itself is a test that ranges for children starting at one month old and goes through to six years old. Jordyn was able to pass all of the blocks on the left side of her vertical growth line.

When two blocks were placed in front of her, she picked up both blocks. As Jordyn continues to grow her health, mental, and physical development should be monitored in order to predict any complications that may occur in the future.

All of these results were explained to Cassandra, the mother. She is also able to combine her syllables as reported by her mother.

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She is also the queen of jibberish.

In passing the block the child is not allowed to use his body, mouth, or the table that is there. Newer Post Older Post Home.

When Cassandra was asked if she says either name it was reported that Jordyn says both. Jordyn is quite the talker as soon people were present she started verbalizing, oohing, and aahing. As well as, her developmental growth has been proven to be within the age — appropriate development. Her age calculation according to the Denver II guidelines is seven months and twelve days old. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted formar be a nurse serving children and families of all cultures and backgrounds.

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Format ddst pdf

Cassandra was curious about the blocks to the right of the vertical age line. When she is placed on her back and smiled at she gets the biggest smile, passing the smile responsively test. Posted by Jennifer R. Upon seeing this she reached out for the doll, attempting to grab the doll formaf bring it into her. It took a lot of encouragement to get her to attempt this, but she did so after a while.

For this standing position she used a chair to help steady herself and was able to hold this position for just over five seconds. She is still not able to place a ddstt in the cup, even after her mother demonstrated for Jordyn. Further more when Jordyn is placed lying on her stomach she lifts her head and chest off of the floor with her arms. She also had no problem with sitting on her own with no support for approximately eight seconds. After having these three consecutive fails we attempted the Language section of the Denver II Screening.


She imitated kissing sounds that dfst mother was making towards her. Another test that was performed to test her development in the fine motor adaptation was placing a raisin on the table and seeing if Jordyn would clearly look at the object.

At the physicians office they can also teach Cassandra about child safety in the car and at home. She was able to pass all of these tests until the Thumb — Finger Grasp was attempted, she can pick up the raisin.

Jordyn is a bright and healthy infant, however, she should still be monitored in order to prevent complications that could happen later in her life.

Format ddst pdf

Denver II Training Manual. She also responded by turning to the sound of forrmat name being called out softly behind her head. Anak mendapatkan dfst A pada beberapa item yang ditunjukan bahwa anak mengalami perkembangan lebih. As Jordyn continues to grow what she sees her mother doing she will do as well. This was accomplished at five months of age for Jordyn. Upon testing her on banging the two cubes together, she failed. Shown below is the age calculation:.

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With these new steps in growth Cassandra should start enforcing safety measures that will reduce the likely hood of Jordyn becoming injured.