Originally published in , Hjortsberg’s debut mystery was the basis for the film Angel Heart. (July). In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg (): Damned Damned Damned. Where do you search for a guy who was never there to begin with?.

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I left for college in the fall of and picked because it was the last year when I could trust my memory to accurately recall local geography. But halfway through the book, the story slides into the world of voodoo, black magic, carnival freaks, fevered dreams, and supernatural developments, and if this is your cup of tea, so much the better. Hardcoverlimited Editionpages. Everything that happened, I was able to predict from hints in the first couple chapters.

View all 12 comments. Soon bodies start appearing and it looks like our man Angel is being set up to take the fall. Lisa Bonet, fresh off the Cosby show, plays Epiphany Proudfoot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I quite enjoyed wwilliam prose style and the dialog which is reminiscent of hard-boiled crime fiction authors like Raymond Chandler.

It was a different time. Louis Cyphre is a very cool and intriguing antagonist, I have not seen the Angel Heartthe movie adaptation of this book, but I can imagine De Niro is great in the role.

Click here to purchase Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg It may well be that we get our best ideas in youth and spend the rest of our lives attempting to work them out. If Bonet was hjotrsberg to shed the perception of innocence established on the Cosby show which seems odd to say this in light of recent revelationsthen she certainly accomplished that.

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There the trail goes cold, but the case becomes red hot. To my surprise I had a tough time putting down this noir thriller. You are commenting using your WordPress.

A spellbinding novel of murder, mystery, and the occult, Falling Angel pits a tough New York private eye jhortsberg the most fearsome adversary a detective ever faced.

One thing that Falling Angel does, besides entertain you, is to give you falllng close look at New York City in I no longer have a copy but if memory serves, my little tale was about four pages long and began something like: Want to Read saving…. This enables the reader to get close to the fictional personas and to feel some measure of surprise as more and more of the truth slowly reveals itself.

William Hjortsberg ‘Falling Angel’ Review

Your Place in Obl Again, if only he had had a more original plot in which to couch his studies. The technicalities of the occult are as blurry here as they usually are in soul-exchange sagas, but with unflappable, earthy Harry as a narrator, Hjortsberg keeps the supernatural stuff from highflown silliness.

The crime noir styling blends quite well with the dark, satanic cult plotline; there is also a substantial amount of violence and gore. I bought it hjortsbert my favorite brick and mortar bookstore, Bunch of Grapes http: That is to say that this is not a bad book at all, just one that wasn’t in my wheelhouse. I thought one of the fundamental aspects of storytelling involved the inclusion of at least a few boring parts.


See Johnny “owes” something to the not so enigmatic Mr.

I can’t think of hjortsbdrg novel quite like this one. Before the novel is over, however, this will turn out to be the least of his worries as Angle discovers the truth about Johnny Favorite and where he is.

It stood the test of time quite well– possibly since I have in the interim read anngel lot of other authors, his literary allusions might stand out better to my mind now. I give it an extra star for the slightly-more-detailed-than-usual use of voodoo as a plot point. Love when that happens! All text except quotes is the property of Will Errickson and should not be reproduced in whole or hhortsberg part without permission from the author.

Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg

Harry is not exactly a sympathetic protagonist, he hjorrtsberg more like an anti-hero who is only looking out for number one. He supposedly is still there. The first, a novel about human brains kept alive by science, was inspired by an off-the-cuff remark Hjortsberg made at a cocktail party.

Keeten to that list. I’m going to dig out the movie and watch it again, just to check myself.