Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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This was one of the first and most silvsoo questions I asked myself as a new believer. Acknowledging that God wishes that none should perish and that Christ gave Himself in ransom for all see 1 Tim.

I received the Lord when I was 13 and living in my native Argentina. The best decision I made as a new Christian was to have a weekly appointment with God.

Every Thursday, at 7: Silvosoo that precious hour, I poured out my heart to God, trying to understand the loneliness I felt as a born-again Christian high schooler edgareo a spiritually skeptical town of almostsouls. If Jesus was indeed the only way, why was it that no one else wanted to find Him? Week after week, I begged God to send a touch of revival, and as part of that, to allow Christians to reach an entire city for Christ.

When I was 14, I was picked out of my local church to be a youth evangelist and canvassed the streets of San Nicolas weekend wilvoso weekend. However, at the end of each year, I could not count the number of converts on the fingers of one hand. In the ergardo ofmy church held meetings every day of the week. We prayed, sang, and ministered to each other, often late into the night.

School of Transformation

We met with our pastor, and he directed us to go to four nearby towns that had no strong Christian witness. I thought, Maybe we will find the way to reach an entire city for Christ. We put together quite a dream wdgardo. At 17, I was the evangelist. My associate preacher was The music director, my sister, was 14, and the director of follow-up was The oldest person in the group was 19 years old.

We made sure that everyone heard the gospel. We even led a satanist to Christ. Ailvoso spite of these victories, we did not see mass conversions.

School of Transformation – Transform Our World

Why not here in Argentina? When I turned 20, I was drafted into the army. I dreamed of leading the entire battalion, strong, to the Lord. During the time of my enlistment, I saw a small stream edgrado converts. When discharge day came, I asked permission to give the farewell speech, hoping to see a mass movement of conversions.

I witnessed a trickle of responses, but the rushing river I was hoping for never materialized. Eventually, I took a job as a hospital administrator in a newly built facility in San Nicolas. During my second year in this job, I married Ruth.

This mammoth vehicle could hold all of our evangelistic paraphernalia: One of those crusades took us to a small town nearby, where the local brethren invited us to hold an open-air campaign. Amazingly, we saw 92 decisions wilvoso faith made in that campaign! Afterward, I was asked to be the preacher for this emerging congregation.

Ed Silvoso

We held church meetings four times a week and two evangelistic meetings on Sundays. Even though we saw some growth, and the entire village heard the gospel, we did not see a book-of-Acts kind of evangelistic explosion. I wondered if maybe the long hours spent at my hospital job were a contributing negative factor. Having no additional job to take up my time, we all worked hard and saw our church grow. The dream to see a city reached was always in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers.


I bought a map of Mar del Plata, marked on it the location of every church, and prayed for those churches regularly. I networked as much as possible with their pastors. We saw some results but nothing spectacular. Ruth and I enjoyed setting up crusades for Luis, producing TV and radio programs, and arranging presidential prayer breakfasts.

Luis loved cities, he loved sinners and he loved preaching to the multitudes. In the early s, Ruth and I took some time off from the Palau team to take the graduate course at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon.

The biblical foundation obtained at Multnomah, combined with the missiological stimulation I received at Fuller, brought home with greater force than ever my youthful dream to reach entire cities for Christ. While working with Luis, we did see many cities open up to the gospel for the first time.

Luis even led to Christ the president of one nation. This was unheard of before. Also, our team pioneered the use of secular radio and television to saturate entire cities with the gospel. I believed that mass evangelism was the best tool to reach the world for Christ. Peter Wagner, associate professor of church growth, who had just received his Ph. Wagner led the class through a factual critique of mass evangelism. As he presented his research on major evangelistic thrusts in various regions of the world, he concluded that most of them did not translate into church growth!

According to Wagner, on an average, such crusades produced at best a mere 5 percent numerical growth in church membership. This represented a poor return on the amount of money and effort invested.

This tension constantly challenged me to find a way to reconcile these opposing conclusions. I found the answer while preparing an sllvoso for Dr. I drew up a plan to evangelize an entire city by combining the effective aspects of mass evangelism with the church growth principles taught at the School of World Mission.

Next, we went to Uruguay, where we tried the same approach on a national scale, evangelizing simultaneously in five major cities. The results were even better than in Rosario, and by using radio and television extensively, the whole country was blanketed with the gospel. The number of public decisions of faith was three times higher than in Rosario, and the percentage of edvardo into churches was 20 percent higher.

The fact that all this happened in Uruguay was also very significant because the country prided itself in being a nation of atheists. ByI had developed a severe case of a very serious illness, myasthenia gravis.

I later learned that my illness was partly the result of spiritual warfare. Satan was exploiting an area of my life where I had given the enemy an entrance, mainly through ignorance.

I came to realize that God was teaching me basic principles related to suffering, spiritual warfare and intercession. God would teach me that reaching entire cities for Christ did not depend on formulas or methods, but rather on the application of biblical principles and a deeper walk with Him.

While I was very grateful for the excellent and helpful medical treatments I received, some of the procedures were as painful as the illness itself. At one time or another I was receiving 16 injections a day. That adds up to injections a month!


I also took 42 pills daily, in addition to 1, milligrams of cortisone and occasional chemotherapy by mouth. Once or twice a week I was hooked to a machine that performed a plasmapheresis. It slowly drained out all of my blood and disposed of everything except the red and white cells, which were in turn pumped back in along with human albumin to make up for the volume of lost fluid. Because this treatment removed all antibodies from my blood stream, for 48 hours I was totally vulnerable to infection.

I also had to undergo a thymectomy, which is a major surgical procedure. My sternum bone was split in two, my rib cage was retracted and the tissue under the sternum was removed.

Ed Silvoso – Wikipedia

The most discouraging fact to accept was that none of these procedures was capable of providing a cure for me—they were simply done to keep me alive. We resigned from the Palau Team in order to concentrate whatever time I had left, on our quest to find a way to reach cities for Christ. It was an extremely difficult decision because of our love for Luis and the team we had silvkso develop. With only 30 days of insurance left with the Palau Team, and my siovoso bills very high, one night I prayed decisively for supernatural guidance.

It was Daniel Craig, one of the men from my dream, calling from Los Angeles. He had heard that I was leaving the Palau team and wanted to know what he could do to help in the transition! Then and there I knew that God wanted us to start a new missionary organization. Edgado August 30,Harvest Evangelism was officially and legally born. Because sulvoso health was poor and our resources were depleted and time was running out, we decided to concentrate on building a retreat center in my native city of San Nicolas.

Our hope was that when I was gone it would become a training center to reach cities eddgardo Christ. Part of the reason for choosing the location was that it was close to small cities, towns and hamlets within a mile radius that had no local church. On March 24,we dedicated the retreat center. We challenged the pastors and leaders of the surrounding areas to reach each one of the unchurched towns with the gospel.

Part of me was able to see it as done through the eyes of faith. However, when I looked into the mirror, my natural eyes saw something totally different. The combination of prayer and medical treatment had stretched the initial prognosis from two to four edgardoo, but I was barely hanging on.

My body was ready to quit anytime. Then, dramatic events began to unfold. That was silvvoso totally unheard of at the time. At first, we questioned the veracity of the report.

However, Annacondia next moved on to Mar del Plata, where close to 90, decisions were reported. From then silvosoo it became a flood of decisions as city after city was shaken by the ministry of this unknown lay preacher.