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France ; 87, Spain 93, N. Acocetor mrgaritatus has been recorded as a saprozoite in egg-pods of the Desert Chloropdae Sdguy described Siphonella theyryi, which was reared from acrichd eggs. Haaf provided a key to the African and Oriental species. Ve Grass6 listed G. The planidia hatching from these lie in wait for a grasshopper, attach themselves to it, enter through an intersegmental membrane and come to lie in the haemocoele.

Notes on these follow. Kazakhstan ; 97, U. Calliphoridae c Other Diptera. Amongst the parasites of the post-embryonic stages, the oviposition behaviour of the Nemestrinidae is not associated with the host and the occurrence of these parasites is affected by other factors.

Any diapause takes place when the larva is fully grown ; the pupal period is short. The tropical species, and possibly europeaa of the temperate ones, will only pupate if the ecohomia in which they are kept is alternately wetted and allowed to dry out.

When subsequent workers have seen the original material and corrected the records, only the corrected names are included D. A synopsis of the African species in the form of an extended key, has D.


Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera S. As these do not always occur in many areas where 8. Greathead on the insect e m i e s of Acridoidea Orthptera when feeding is completed in early summer see, respectively, Ingram and Douglas, ; Horsfall, lso that two generations of feeding larvae occur in one season.

Both are of great interest, as the eggs were on vegetation above ground, instead of being buried. Smith of the Entomology Research Institute, Belleville, Ontario, hm very kindly supplied the material for the illustrations of Canadian insects.

Prioncmyx spinolae is exceptional in that it nests in colonies, excavates cells in series along a gallery and in each dee places five to ten hosts.

Iowa ; U. Williams, rarely excavate their own holes, but use abandoned holes made by other insects and place the egg on the metathoracic coxa so that it curves towards the ventral side of the host.

London, Royal Entomological Society. These interesting flies have essentially similar life histories, so a generalised account, can be given. Sarwtmhinella sinuata Meigen Blanchd. Pupation occurs in the soil, and the newly emerged adults force their way to the surface. Some of the more important insect groups will be discussed below.

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A family of parasitic two-winged insects. Siberia 26,U. Kazakhstan 97, Pakistan Grasshoppers, Canada B. Ovi- position is not closely connected with oviposition of the baldf ; it occurs during flight, when the female hovers close to the ground and by means of a flicking motion of the abdomen ejects the eggs into cracks and irregularities in bare soil.


Africa ;S. The classification adopted for the Acridoidea is that proposed by Dirsh The econnomia used for the parts of an ujion will be found in Waloff and Chapman and Robertson I n Lepeshkin, S. Kazakhstan ; U. Prionmyxleave a mound of earth at the entrance to the burrow and place their eggs between the prothoracic legs see, especially, Williams, a ; Newton, Rdglementation de la ddfense.

Boris Podtiaguin, comisionado por el Servicio Tecnico de lucha contra la langosta.

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economja Effects on the host vary according to the species of t,he parasite and the size of the host. Acrididae in Saskat- eurlpea in DE,Le cavallette Schistocerca gregaria Forsk. Rhodesia 74S. Siberia 26U. Russia ; U. Russis ; U. Turkestan ;U. However, it is usual for several larvae to occur in one egg-pod, and high infestations are common in some areas such as the Somali peninsula of East Africa, in egg-fields of the Desert Locust.


Turkestan ; 32,U. Azerbaijan 97, Tanganyika 32, U.

The fully fed larvae move down to a depth of as much as 50 cm. Ukraine 91 50, 51, 53, 54, 63, 98,, U.