Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem. (EBEM) Cryptographic Module. Non- Proprietary Security Policy. Document Number , Rev. ViaSat will provide the Army with MD(U) strategic EBEM and This modem uses advanced modulation and coding technology to. ViaSat Inc. (Nasdaq:VSAT) demonstrated its DISA certified MD Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) to members of the U.S.

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Data to be transmitted are transferred to a modem from Data terminal equipment e. The input signal for the analog tract is at the intermediate frequency or in the L-bandin the second case it must be firstly converted to IF.

They are appropriate only when certain conditions apply: The technology uses an adaptive self-interference cancellation technique to subtract the transmitted signal and recover the desired signal. Almost all parts are optional.

Similarly, a signal received from a satellite is firstly downconverted this is done by a Low-noise block converter – LNBthen demodulated by a modem, and at last handled by data terminal equipment. Error correction works by adding an artificial redundancy to a data stream at the transmitting side, and using this redundancy to correct errors caused by noise and interference. Scrambling is a technique used to randomize a data stream to eliminate long ‘0’-only and ‘1’-only sequences and to assure energy dispersal.

If the analog signal was digitized without a four-quadrant multiplier, the complex envelope has to be calculated by a digital complex mixer. The presence of an Ethernet interface ebe, deliver IP data over a wireless network also does not necessarily mean that heterogeneous modems are compatible.

Washington Technology

A multiplexer transforms several digital streams into one stream. The exact structure of the demodulator is defined by a modulation type. However, the fundamental concepts are similar. Articles lacking sources from October All articles lacking sources. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


After a digital-to-analog conversion in the transmitter ebbem signal passes through a reconstruction filter.

Satellite modem – Wikipedia

Other equipment that are essential for creating a satellite link include satellite antennas and frequency converters. There are some devices that include only a demodulator and no modulator, thus only allowing data to be downloaded by satellite that are also referred to as “satellite modems.

The purpose of the analog tract in the receiver is to convert signal’s frequency, to adjust its power via an automatic gain control circuit and to get its complex envelope components. A demodulator is one of the most important parts of the receiver.


If downlink power decreases, ITA then automatically and dynamically decreases the link data rate using more robust waveforms to maintain the link connection. Though this new standard is often thought of as catching the military up to commercial standards and technology, the new B standard is actually enhanced beyond pure commercial technology. A modulator is generally a much simpler device than a demodulator, because it doesn’t have to recover symbol and carrier frequencies.

There are also additional components in the wbem such as the Intersymbol interference equalizer. Using different modems that have an open-standard waveform, but proprietary baseband interfaces is just as ineffective as using two different proprietary modems.

Satellite communication standards also define error correction codes and framing formats. The bottom line advantage of the MD efficiency is that more carriers can be placed on a single satellite transponder and those carriers can be better utilized, enabling more warfighters to gain access to more data when and where they need it.


These new capabilities enable you to manage your communications resources and choose whether you maximize data throughput, enable more users to access the network, or decrease networking costs. Interoperability does not mean that SATCOM users should be faced with only a plain vanilla set of choices for their networking, eebem that those choices should meet an underlying ability to interoperate with other similar network devices.

Digital demodulation implies that a symbol clock and, in most ebme, an intermediate frequency generator at the receiving side have to be synchronous with those at the transmitting side. A satellite modem or satmodem is a modem used to establish data transfers using a communications satellite as a relay. This module provides modfm basis for Ethernet interface interoperability amongst satellite modem vendors.

Long ‘0’-only and ‘1’-only sequences create difficulties for timing recovery circuit. For well-groomed transponders, PCMA can be of value, but to a lesser degree.

Satellite modem

A number of features and choices remain when considering wireless networking equipment like the satellite communications modems that form the backbone of many wireless networks. These features allow users to make use of the many dBs of FDMA link margin that typically go unutilized in a fixed-channel rate environment.

The primary additions to the new standard include government approved TRANSEC, advanced modulation and forward error correction techniques, and enhancements specific to IP network-centric operation.

There are several modulation types such as PSK and QAM that have a phase ambiguity, that is, a carrier can be restored in mdem ways.