A short guide to and description of Durst enlargers. M, , 35mm, /4 x /4, Condenser, No, $, Built-in supplimentary filters add 60CC Y and. Hi. Can anyone help please. I’ve just recieved a Durst M B/W enlarger that I bought on ebay. It has come with a transformer Durst TRAN. Hi I just bought on ebay for £10, a Durst M with colour head + philips timer, just to get the timer. The enlarger is surplus to requirements. Its.

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Hey guys, I have a durst M and I’m using Ilford multigrade paper- should I still buy the contrast filters? Or can I use the color wheels on the head?

Durst M305 Enlarger with Ilford Multigrade

I haven’t tried dursy contrast filters- or even the color wheels on the head. I’ve made a few prints and they’ve come out pretty well- but having that option wouldn’t hurt to try! I preferred the more blueish black and higher contrast tones I got when using Multigrade with Tetenal Eukobrom paper developer.


Maybe there is a site with specs claiming that your color head doesn’t reach the most extreme high or low contrast settings of the filter kit. When you are unhappy with the contrast you might need one test strip more than a filter user to get your exposure compensation right.

Durst M transformer blown | Photography Forums

I rprinted with filters and Durst color heads in the past and think the difference doesn’t matter much. Some folks durzt be after extremely high contrast they are most likely screwed since a color head is about one grade softer than a condenser counterpart.

Others love splitgrade printing why ever and like Multigrade heads. For a straight midrange contrast print it really shouldn’t matter what you use.

JochenJul 3, Most colour heads don’t provide sufficient Dudst density to reach the filtration needed for the hardest most contrasty paper grades. IIRC, you can only reach around a grade 4 with a dichroic head, but that’s more than sufficient for most negatives. In any event, you can supplement the dichroic head with a magenta gel filter if needed. WRT condenser versus diffused head contrast.


Durst M Colour Enlarger Boxed Needs Power Adapter GSP | eBay

I never saw such a difference as duest whole grade going between condenser or dichroic heads. Most condenser heads use a diffuse opal lamp, and this is really a semi-diffuse source.

True point-source enlargers aren’t at all common. Better to say reducing the Yellow fitration. I used to use a Durst color head with multigrade.

Durst isn’t CC values, although it is close, dusrt don’t go copying that over to a head not from Durst. The numbers are slightly different for different papers and enlargers, but probably close enough.

It is at the far ends that they can differ, and that you might not reach. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: