Cunard Line,Ltd: Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Cunard line ltd. Is a Landon based cruise and steamship company whic. Free Essay: Case Study: Cunard Line Ltd., Managing Integrated Marketing Communications 1. For , why did they select the marketing. “Managing Integrated Marketing Communications”— Presentation transcript: 1 Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Cunard line, Ltd. Managing.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Forwhy did they select the marketing communications activities in the case?

Cunard Line Ltd Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Case Solution – Case Analysis

Bythere had been a shift in advertising strategy due to worldwide recession in the early s. As result, there was more pressure to achieve immediate sales results, i.

Cunard needed to strategically allocate the budget for marketing communications and branding, maintain uniformity in its communication efforts — all while finding the right balance between tactical and strategic branding. In addition, Cunard needed to consider the effect on branding strategy due to organizational changes, retaining its current brand image and staying ahead of the competition.

What marketing objectives or business issues is the advertising trying to solve? In addition, the team was challenged with an overall mix of marketing communications tools used by Cunard, as well as emphasis in marketing communications between focus on the Cunard corporate identity and focus on the identity of the individual ships.


Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

In meeting this challenge, there needed to be 1 a common look and feel to the Cunard brand, and 2 a consistent look and message between strategic and tactical marketing communications. The overall outcome was to achieve immediate sales results.

ltdd Direct mail and price-promotional activities were key advertising tools used to close the sale and create urgency among potential customers while maintaining the Cunard image.

Looking at the Exhibits i. The team used a mix of marketing communications tools and made a distinct emphasis between focus on the Cunard corporate identity and focus on the identity of the individual ships.

Another example of strategic advertising is with the Manging super luxury ship magazine ad which highlights its superior services.

Managing Integrated Marketing Communications – ppt video online download

For example, white-glove services, single seating, dining, etc. I think the company effectively makes the distinction between the offerings of the individual ships, and to create awareness of the super luxury cruise. For example, Exhibit 5 gives exact details of the Cunard product and services offered, i.

Exhibit 7, another tactical advertisement is an ad for the Queen Elizabeth ship. Along with it they have given details of the cruise, the package and even to create much more appeal they have introduced an offer of traveling in alliance with British Airways.

I think this is an effective campaign that creates an impact on the readers — emphasizing its British roots of class and sophistication at an affordable communifations.


Exhibit 3 focuses on corporate identity and the overall luxury the traveler will feel using the Cunard brand no matter which ship the customer chooses. In addition to its focus on services and cruises, all the exhibits focus on the corporate image of Cunard as the images reflect a integratedd class dining experience. Downloading text is forbidden on this website.

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