English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. Products of it with itself give candidates for counterexamples to the Hodge conjecture which may be of interest. We also study the Kuga-Satake. The Hodge conjecture asserts that, for particularly nice types of spaces called projective algebraic varieties, the pieces called Hodge cycles are actually rational.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Talk at the BSD 50th anniversary conference, May Finding the points on an elliptic curve modulo a given prime p is conceptually straightforward, as there are only a finite number of possibilities to check.

Hodge made an additional, stronger conjecture than the integral Hodge conjecture. In mathematics conjeura, the Hodge conjecture is a major unsolved problem in the field of algebraic geometry that relates the algebraic topology of a non-singular complex algebraic variety to its subvarieties. A possible substitute is to ask instead one of the two following questions:. Mordell proved Mordell’s theorem: If the degree d is 2, i.

La conjetura de hodge pdf files

Such a class is necessarily a Hodge class. Since X is a compact oriented manifold, X has a fundamental class. In other projects Wikiquote. It is known that if the Hodge conjecture is true, then the locus of all points on the base where the cohomology of a fiber is hodgge Hodge class is in fact an algebraic subset, that is, it is cut out by polynomial equations.


Views Read Edit View history. L -functions in number theory. It is a special case of a Hasse—Weil L-function.

Hodge conjecture – Wikidata

To evaluate this integral, choose a point of Z and call it 0. A Survey of the Hodge Conjecture, Example 7. This is also false. CS1 French-language sources fr. In fact, it predates the conjecture and provided some of Hodge’s motivation.

Hodge Conjecture

This conjecture was first proved by Deuring for elliptic curves with complex multiplication. This is too optimistic, because there are hode enough subvarieties to make this work. The cohomology class of a divisor turns out to equal to its first Chern class.

Retrieved from ” https: Hodge conjecture at Wikipedia’s sister projects. Graduate Texts in Mathematics. Lecture Notes in Mathematics. This is now known to be false.

The Lefschetz theorem on 1,1 -classes also implies that if all Hodge classes are generated by the Hodge classes of divisors, then the Hodge conjecture is true:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, the cohomology class of the above cycle would be:. Initially this was based on somewhat tenuous trends in graphical plots; this induced a measure of skepticism in J. The Millennium prize problems.

If the number of rational points on a curve is infinite then some point in a finite basis must have infinite order. On the other hand, if the rank of the curve is greater than 0, then the curve has an infinite number of rational points.


The first result on the Hodge conjecture is due to Lefschetz It is conjecturally given by. Bhargava, Manjul ; Shankar, Arul Weil generalized conjetira example by showing that whenever the variety has complex multiplication by an imaginary quadratic fieldthen Hdg 2 Conjetyra is not generated by products of cojetura classes.

Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms. In the early s Peter Swinnerton-Dyer used the EDSAC-2 computer at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory to calculate the number of points modulo p denoted by N p for a large number of primes p on elliptic curves whose rank was known.

However, Griffiths transversality theorem shows that this approach cannot prove the Hodge conjecture for higher codimensional subvarieties. Loosely speaking, the Hodge conjecture asks:. Say that a cohomology class on X is of co-level c coniveau c if it is the pushforward of a cohomology class on a c -codimensional subvariety of X. The number of independent basis points with infinite order is called the rank of the curve, and is an important invariant property of an elliptic curve.

NB that the reciprocal of the L-function is from some points of view a more natural object of study; on occasion this means that one should consider poles rather than zeroes.