The ZTE ZXVW has a web interface for configuration. You can use any web browser you like to login to the ZTE ZXVW In this example we’ll use. Document Includes User Manual ZXV10 W Wireless ADSL Router User’s Manual. 1 Overview Thank you for using ZTE’s ZXV10 W Wireless ADSL Router. Support network configuration using DHCP Support UPnP, SNTP, DMZ , MODEM: Port connected to the DSL port of the ZXV10 W device PHONE: Port.

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The contents of this document are protected by copyright laws and international treaties.

Additionally, the contents of this document are protected by contractual confidentiality obligations. Contents About this Manual Purpose of this Manual During this process, your confjguration will not have Internet access. However, since you are directly connected to the range extender, you can still access the range. This is a comparatively cheap and best Wifi modem. About this Manual Purpose of this Manual This manual provides the basic information of installing, configuring and maintaining the ZXV1.

As a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, the listed company ZTE plays an important role in the international telecoms. It is a reference book for the maintenance personnel of W3.

Typographical Conventions ZTE documents employ the following typographical conventions. The device may be sensitive to static electricity.


Configuration Modem Wifi Zte Zxv10 W300

Beware of strong electromagnetic field. Beware of strong laser beam.

Customer Support If you have problems, questions, comments, or suggestions regarding your product, contact us by e- mail at support zte. You can also call our customer support center at 8.

Documentation Support ZTE welcomes your comments and suggestions on the quality and usefulness of this document. Wait for at least 1. Do not block configruation heat dissipation opening of the product. Contact qualified service personnel in case of problem s, especially under the following conditions: Components actually delivered depend on the service provider.

If any component is missing or damaged, zhe contact the service provider.

Please keep the packing box and components well in case of replacement. Indicates the LAN connection has not been established. These ports and buttons are described in Table 6. For wireless access, an external or built- in 8. To configure the system via the web page based interface, you need a. C onnect one end of the RJ- 4.

Ethernet cable to the W3. Please use the companion power adapter. The other power adaptor may mak e W3. IP a ddress the W3. LAN port in the address bar. Press the Enter key of the keyboard to display the login dialog box, as s hown in Figure 5. C h a p t e r Interface Setup This chapter describes configuratikn Internet and local network configuration of the W3.

Configuration Modem Wifi Zte Zxv10 W – Puncnorcompfo

After logging into the configuration main page, click Interface Setup to open the page shown in Figure 7. VCeach using different encapsulation. Each VC must be activated to take modwm. D y n a m i c I P a d d r e s s Figure 9 shows the dynamic IP address parameters on the web configuration page and Table 8 gives the descriptions of the parameters.


The parameters listed in Table 9 should be provided by the ISP. For this function working properly, W3. If there is no wireless device in the network, select Deactivated.

Enter the MAC address of the devices that are allowed or denied access to the router in these address fields. Enable or disable the firewall and SPI according to requirements. Qos can be toggled Activated or Deactivated. Activate Qos to edit the parameters listed in Figure 2. Configurationn the SAVE condiguration to submit the changes.

The physical location of VLAN members is unimportant.

How to Login to the ZTE ZXVW

VLANs allow ports on the same or different switches to be grouped so confguration traffic is confined to members of only that group. C h a p t e r Access Management The Access Management configuration page determines which device and application can access the network.

There is a risk of electric shock.