The latest Tweets from Christian Harfouche (@DrHarfouche): “Join us for the first ever gathering in the World Center’s new Cathedral! Prophetic Watch Night. Dr. Christian and Dr. Robin Harfouche, along with their daughter, Christie, and their son, John, have inundated the nations of the world with the living Word of. Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche is a modern day apostle and prophet to the nations that has invested more than 35 years in training a generation of.

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Don’t believe the temporary at the expense of the permanent.

You no longer belong to the earth You will never be fully satisfied in life unless you harouche the flow of the Holy Spirit. Faith refuses to allow life to dictate how you are going to live. Jesus delivered a spiritual force of faith that you can release through revelation in the Word of God — which will produce in your life the God-quality of living.


9 Christian Quotes & Sayings by Christian Harfouche | All Christian Quotes

This spiritual force of faith will not work the same for the passive as it harfouchd for the contender — the champion. God has made with us an appointment of visitation!

He will visit us uniquely, specifically, and personally. This visitation will make us a habitation of greater grace!

No longer will the Word be just a script, but it will be the victory in our heart and in our mouth, the Word of Faith, alive in every part of our being. Men and women from every walk of life, you are invited to accept the call and make your calling and your election sure, that you may not be ‘unchosen,’ but choose to be chosen.

Choose to be chosen so that I may use you with the rest that have been called to be the tip of the spear. The tip of the spear is penetrating and piercing the very obstacles that are working diligently to contain and to hinder My final outpouring — through the efforts and the diligence of covetousness hardouche.


You have the victory, whether or not you ever get it.

Winning is a victory, and it is a victory that has been handed over to us by someone who finished the course for us Jesus. He buried our sins in the earth.

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