Wprowadzenie do logiki by Józef Bremer(Book) 4 editions published between and in Polish and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Wprowadzenie / Introduction Logika sieci sprawia, że dotychczas obowiązujące hierarchie tracą na znaczeniu, treści kulturowe cyrkulują nie J. Bremer, [w:] Ludwig Wittgenstein „przydzielony do Krakowa” / „Krakau zugeteilt”, wyd. J. Bremer, Wprowadzenie do logiki, Wydawnictwo WAM, Kraków – T. Hołówka, Kultura logiczna w przykładach, PWN, Warszawa – R. Olejnik.

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Sperry — received the Nobel Prize for Physiology in for his outstanding scientific achievements in connection with the study of people with severed brain commissures. Sperry linked the results of his research to philosophical considerations pertaining to the conscious mind of human beings and its place in the natural sciences. He was interested in the philosophical question of whether or not the severing of the cerebral hemispheres constituted a violation of the unity of consciousness.


In this article, I first present an intellectual profile of Sperry, outlining the evolution of his philosophical-scientific analyses. I then outline the emergence and flourishing of theories of emergence, along with the elements essentially associated with them. In conclusion, I show how his theory corresponds to a version of emergent interactionism, and seek to address some criticisms leveled against it.

I also aim to establish how far this theory can be said to answer the question of the conscious character of mental states. Quick jump to page content.

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