Sentido, the light switch reinvented. Sentido is very simple, yet very innovative. At first look, Deseo is an intelligent design thermostat for KNX home. Asano introduces a world of music, perfectly fit to the needs of residential.

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Handmade and engineered in Belgium. Basalte Enzo switch – black leather – 4-way.

The multicolour LED backlight can be used for status feedback or simply to light up Sentido in the dark. This website uses cookies to give you the best user experience.

Enzo offers the same unique and innovative functionalities as the touch-sensitive Sentido switch for home automation systems, featuring retro finishes in high-quality materials. Ellie shows the complete Basalte Home app, originating from basa,te Basalte Core server.

Now, you can choose from design switches, motion sensors and touch screens that all share the same Basalte traits: News Press Careers Support. Sentido, the light switch reinvented. Its open source structure allows hundreds of international manufacturers to develop KNX compatible products that function within the same system.

It also has an easy to use graphic logic editor plus an extremely power logic kjx toil based on LUA. Interior lighting Outdoor lighting. With a sleek interface its possible to not only commission the music system and link existing KNX devices to the visualisation, but also introduce virtual products such as thermostats to the system.


Synchronize your own music with the system and enjoy the integrated internet radio and music streaming services. Basalge, Basalte Core provides the visualisation, a logical engine, custom notifications and third-party integrations with a.

This multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user friendly. The Enzo design switch is touch-sensitive to easily control lights, scenes, shades, HVAC and even music, thanks to the patented multitouch technology!

Basalte Home: our new KNX visualisation!

Basalte Sentido switch – soft copper – 4-way. Basalte Enzo switch – white leather – 4-way.

You must be logged in to post a baslte. Play different genres in separate rooms or play that one great song throughout your home: Basalte Deseo intelligent thermostat – black glass. KNX is the global standard for home automation. At the heart of Basalte Home is Basalte Core.

The integrated temperature sensor discretely reports the room temperature to the home automation system while the integrated thermostat logic controls the heating and air-conditioning of the room.

You can login to comment via the following networks your email address will not be published: This offers an unprecedented flexibility. Furthermore, the system can be made redundant: Basalte Enzo switch – white leather – 2-way.

Basalte Sentido switch – satin white – 4-way. Ellie Ellie is an on-wall touch panel with a 5. We want to keep baalte simple, intuitive and elegant, both in its form and in its function. However, this can lead to systems that are complicated.


Reduced to its essence and improving the comfort of the modern home. Enzo switch – black leather – 4-way by Basalte.

Deseo – Basalte

It offers crystal clear audio in a comprehensive, flexible and reliable audio solution, featuring intuitive app and KNX controls. Basalte Home is an elegant and versatile visualisation for the KNX home automation system. This website uses cookies to give you the best user experience. Latest stories Upcoming fairs Recent architecture projects Magazine. Handmade and engineered in Belgium. Using the integrated RGB sequencer in combination with multi-touch allows controlling RGB lights in a very simple and intuitive way.

Based on the existing Asano configuration tool, Studio introduces a new workflow based configuration rarely seen in home automation platforms.

Sentido front – knx quadruple in satin white, Basalte

So far we have only heard good comments and in our opinion it is a fantastic solution that makes controlling your KNX home simple and enjoyable, whilst also providing a high level of functionality. As part of the Home solution Basalte showed a basaltf wall touch panel with a 5. Most-visited Products List of the most-visited products by Basalte.

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