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Polish Book Institute promotes reading; supports writers, translators, publishers, librarians, booksellers; those who read and want to read; activates non-readers! We promote Polish literature across the world. The book was translated by Katerina Kokinova. The book was translated by Hendrik Lindepuu.

In the category “Poetry in Translation”, among the ten nominated entries, there ogrodsie as many as three translations of works by Polish authors: The most important industry event of the Russian book market is expected to attract exhibitors from 20 countries and more than 30, visitors – professionals and book lovers.

The Book Institute will also take part in the event as well as organise two discussion panels: On great Polish women at the turn of the 19th and 20th century” and ” years of independence.

The Polish Book Institute

Great biographies of great people”. A translation of Adam Mickiewicz’s sonnets was published in Great Britain. The sonnets were translated by Charles S. Zajdel Award, talks about books that have made an impression on her in recent years, militia crime stories read in her childhood, debt to Agatha Christie, J. Tolkien, and Andrzej Sapkowski, and reveals which masterpiece of Polish literature she was not able to struggle through.

Several hundred posters with excerpts of Zbigniew Herbert’s poems appeared on Tuesday in the carriages of the Budapest underground. The campaign “Poems on the Underground”, which will last until 20 th December, was inaugurated by the representatives of the Polish Book Institute and the Polish Institute in Budapest.

A translation of the book W morze!

Sixty authors, about years of Polish literature after — on Tuesday, there was a premiere of the book Being Poland: The epic poem, translated by the Polish philologist Silvano De Fanti, was published by the Marsilio publishing house in Venice.

Since September, more than thirteen thousand three-year-olds from all over Poland have received Reading Layettes as part of the Book Institute’s social campaign “Small Book – Great Man”.

Barbarzyńca w ogrodzie

The aim of the campaign is to encourage parents to visit libraries frequently and read daily with their children. The Polish Shelf is a project for Orgodzie libraries, as part of which they can receive and include works by Polish authors in their book collection. During the inauguration, accompanying events will also take place in other participating institutions.

Here we present photos and reports from the panels. In the Czech Republic, the translation of M. The book was translated by Piotr Florczyk.

Zbigniew Herbert. Barbarzynca w ogrodzie. | Ivan Limbakh Publishing House

The series will be translated by David French, the translator of The Witcher. Frankfurter Buchmesse is the most important industry event in the publishing world. Every year, about thousand visitors take part in it. The Polish Book Institute is present there as it is the organiser of the Polish stand. The fair started on Wednesday and will last until Sunday. Together with four other entries, it was nominated in the category of books translated into English.


The winner will be announced on 14 November. This year’s edition of the Literary Traditions Festival will feature Bill Johnston, the winner of the following awards granted by the Book Institute: The catalogue will be presented at the Frankfurter Buchmesse book fair.

It will introduce works about the history of Poland which are considered the most interesting from the point of view barbarzycna both foreign publishers and readers. In Croatia, a translation of Ufam. Today, at ogrdozie press conference, the catalogue “New Books from Poland ” had its premiere; it will be presented to foreign publishers during the upcoming Frankfurter Buchmesse book fair, the most important industry event in the publishing world. The book was translated by Jan Henrik Swahn.

In Romania, a translation of Farby wodne “Watercolours” was published. The book was translated by Cristina Godun. The book was translated by Filip Dimiewski. Today, in the Multimedia Library for Children and Youth no.

Joanna Koroniewska-Dowbor and Maciej Dowbor.

Everyone ogodzie the benefits of reading together with children, expressing the hope that such a wide campaign will contribute to the improvement of reading barbarzyncaa Poland.

The book was translated by Simone Falk. Are you expecting a child? There is a gift waiting for you! The book Pierwsze wiersze dla… First Poems for This time though, not only new parents will be able to get the valuable set. The book was translated by Viktoria Kellermann. The book was translated by Wiera Meniok. Maciej Urbanowski, literary historian, critic, and editor, tells us about literary discoveries, the recovery of masterpieces, reading caprices, the search for marginalised voices, books worth publishing abroad, The Odysseyfrom which everything began, and about how reading a book is a reading of another human being.

The book was translated by Thomas Weiler. Applications submitted by 4th April were considered. The book was translated by Jiwone Lee.

The book was translated by Nathalie Le Marchand. On Wednesday, 22 nd August, an international book fair in Beijing begins. Each year, over two and a half thousand publishers from 90 countries worldwide showcase their books here, and the event is visited by overreaders.

Naipaul, an outstanding British writer and a Noble Prize-winning author indied at the age of The novelist died at his home in London, surrounded by his family. He was the heir to Conrad and one of the most influential voices of contemporary literature.

Moomins as the book that shaped him. Animals translated by Iryna Tuchapska was published. In May, the Chinese translation of O. The book was translated by Mi Zhang and Bartosz Gauza. In June, the book Refugees translated by Lothar Quinkenstein was published. Karin Wolff passed away on 29 th July after a short, serious illness. Magdalena Tulli’s stories have been translated into Spanish and Catalan. By mid,books with poems for children will be distributed in maternity wards around the country.

Among the nominees, there are Clare Cavanagh for the translation of Ryszard Krynicki, Bill Johnston, the winner of the Transatlantic Award, for the translation of Julia Fiedorczuk, as well as Eliza Marciniak for the translation of Wioletta Grzegorzewska. The Widow Queen will be released in January It’s time for Jarocin Festival !


The legendary festival is not all punk rock today. Reading session with artists, art workshops, games and other activities — the Book Institute has prepared many attractions for young readers.

The guests of the seminar told us about the promotion of the literature for young readers in their countries. This time, it will be as many ascopies of Pierwsze wiersze First Poems. Over the past Friday and Saturday, the seventh edition of the seminar for foreign publishers took place in Cracow. Twenty publishers from around the world had an opportunity to meet Polish editors and illustrators. The Transatlantyk Prize ceremony took place on Friday 22 June at Antonia Lloyd-Jones became the 14 th edition’s prizewinner.

She was interested in foreign languages since childhood, but she has only learnt Polish as an adult.

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The most prestigious award for distinguished ambassadors of Polish literature abroad was this year presented to Antonia Lloyd-Jones, one of the most important translators of Polish literature into English. The seventh Seminar for Foreign Publishers has just begun.

The two-day event was opened by the Book Institute director, Dariusz Jaworski. The seminar is devoted to children’s and young adult literature. This Friday and Saturday, the 7 th edition of the seminar for foreign publishers will take place in Cracow. During the seminar, the Polish Book Institute presents foreign editors and literary agents with the most interesting phenomena of the Polish publishing market.

This Friday, June 22 ndat 7. Its laureate can be a translator, publisher, critic, or the animator of cultural life. The catalogue will have its premiere during the 7 th seminar for foreign publishers organised by the Polish Book Institute. This is the second time youth literature will be discussed there. This year, the Polish Institute of Culture, which took patronage over the event, joined the campaign, and the Book Institute donated a set of books for children.

This form of reading incentive was offered to the children from Polish families for the first time. An evening of readings and conversation with Ryszard Krynicki and Alissa Valles exploring the changing shapes and voices of the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert. We never cease to be delighted by the success of Olga Tokarczuk, who has become the first Polish writer to win the prestigious Man Booker International Prize.

The book won our Found of Translation award, singling out the most important translation into English in a given year. Nobel Prize laureates’ literature, award winning illustrators ancient Islamic manuscripts and Polish cuisine presented by the Polish delegation at the seven days fair.

Poland is the guest of honor for the first time.

The Man Booker International Prize today reveals the shortlist of six books in contention for the prize, which celebrates the finest works of translated fiction from around the world.