AUCTeX is an extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in GNU Emacs and 4 See Also; 5 Project Pages; 6 Tutorial Pages. In this post, I’ll outline how to get started with emacs. There are plenty of tutorials out there, but I’d say that the best way to learn is just to jump in. This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a document in LaTeX, a powerful open source typesetting system, using GNU Emacs.

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You do not have to know Lisp to configure Emacs although you will benefit from knowing some.

AUCTeX Quick Start

You can enable it locally by typing M-x font-lock-mode RET. The last line loads a package to handle the sumatra specific lisp for the forward search. A particular site is EmacsWiki. Most of my replacement macros also make sure to place the cursor at a suitable place after the subsitution. AUCTeX will indent new lines to indicate their syntactical relationship to the surrounding text.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In order to give it a good chance I have failed with four or five previous attempts over the past ten years or soI’d like to ask for useful tips, or pointers to suctex works, to make this transition from TeXWorks as smooth as possible.

A simpleton’s guide to ()TeX workflow with emacs – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

I write the regexp string a little funny, so that I can read the regexp easier. Configuring Emacs is a never-ending process. Also, you can set the Emacs’ file explorer dired, C-x dto omit files with extensions that you don’t want to browse. In the configuration below I already included such lines. I believe this requires the dired-x package. Apr 12 ’12 at You can setup Emacs to work with latexmk my preferred way is https: Longborough You can retroactively add a bounty.


3. Quick Start

Setup Your Emacs configuration is based in your. If you want to un-omit, use C-x M-o not sure why in my Windows install it is simply M-o.

As an example, when I started to use Emacs I thought its way of opening files and switching between buffers was complicated and awkward so I tended to use menus and the toolbar for these tasks. Progress Report Four months on, I thought it a good idea to “report back” here, and I wrote something. Learning First you need to get comfortable with the basics of Emacs and probably this is futorial will be your main frustration.

On the Stack Exchange network this site is good for TeX related Emacs issues but sometimes you are better off asking at Stack Overflow where more Ajctex gurus are hanging out. Take your time and follow the tutorial from beginning to end.

That is the river delta at which I also started my journey around the Emacs mountain. I would just reiterate that YASnippet is wonderful for template text and is very configurable.

You can always go back to the tutorial. You adapt it to your needs as you go. Then, I had better thoughts and turned it into a blog post. Not to start a flamewar or anything, but if you have “failed” using emacs for five times already, wouldn’t it be smarter to move on to another editor, say vim? What is the best workflow may vary between tasks and persons.


I am determined to get LaTeX going here too. Brian Maicke 2 9. If you use a couple of environments frequently, you can use the up and down arrow keys or M-p and M-n in the minibuffer to get back to the previously inserted commands.

It soon become very time saving not to have to fix these by hand. The aucttex is just some general notes on how you can work with LaTeX files in Emacs. With TeX-fold-modeyou can auctec certain parts like footnotes, references etc. It includes a general description of a workflow for LaTeX but without a particular editor in mind and a short description on how to implement it via Org-mode and AUCTeX.

So if you are looking for some additional motivation to revisit Emacs, I would suggest looking at what Org-mode can do. I have never used memoir so I do not know if there is some particular Emacs gadget to help with it.

This procedure may be repeated until all errors have been dealt with. Post as a guest Name. Additional info tktorial setting Sumatra up with Emacs, along with sumatra-forward.

What a fantastic, and encouraging, answer! Another aspect of workflow is to track changes.