ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST Alija’Ali Izetbegavic Islam Between East and West ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST ‘Alija’AIi Izetbegovic Third Edition. Islam between East and West by Alija Izetbegovic. Identifier IslamBetweenEastAndWestAlijaIzetbegovic. Identifier-ark ark://t0vq6s It is perhaps not known to many that Alija Izetbegovic, the celebrated Muslim statesman and the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is no less gifted as a scholar.

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When completed, it is a very complicated construc- tion with an area of more than a hundred square miles of channels, storage for wood, rooms for eggs, and so on.

Islam between East and West by ‘Alija ‘Ali Izetbegovic

Atheization, however, based on a materialistic approach with socialism being its practical and historical perspective, is a common denominator of evolutionistic, civilizational, political, and utopian elements which take care of the physical nature of man and his his- tory.

There cannot exist a science about the soul. This reductionism does not ask what the meaning of life is and does not encourage man to develop the will to give life meaning; it tells man that he is the victim of circumstances. Accordingly, Islam cannot be clas- sified as a religion. Civilization represents the development of the potential forces that existed in our less de- veloped ancestors. It is protected by an upper and a lower lid, eyelashes, eyebrows, mucous membranes, and the conjunctiva.

Their drawings have been found in caves of the Sahara, in Spain at Al- tamira, in France at Lascaux, and recently in Poland at Mashicka. If undertaken in a realistic and indepen- dent way, this return to our origins is not likely to give rise to reac- tionary movements.


According to science, man is nothing more than an intelligent animal; according to religion, man is an ani- mal endowed with personality.

This is not a difference in developmental stages but in essence.

Full text of “Islam Between East And West Alija Izetbegovic”

It emerges that evolution, civilization, science and utopia “are parallel to atheism” while creation, culture, art and morals “are parallel to religion. Hoenig and Marian W. The gray tissue contains nerve cells, and the white is the end station of the motor and sensory fibers.

In both cases, the education is functional, in the service of the system. Most of the urbanites experience their strongest excitement in the naturalistic setting of a football or boxing match.

Islam between East and West by ‘Alija ‘Ali Izetbegovic – Andalus Online

A pow- erful intuition would be able to reconstruct out of salah the complete Islam, and out of Islam the universal dualism of the world. The same goes for the difference between a dictionary and a poem in the same language. If we look at it closely, we shall notice two different, equal but indepen- dent tendencies.

When two British scientists, Frederic Hoyle, the former Presi- dent of the Royal Society of Astronomy, and Chandra Vikrama of the University of Cardiff, studied the same problem, they defined the hypothesis that life was not created on ahd but was imported with the help of cosmic dust clouds from the depths of the cosmos. For animals, things are what they seem to be.

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None of them can be accused of any in- tentions against the state or against the people as was wrongfully stated by wlija court. It is just through, that self that one is connected to eternity.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Bees treat their useless members in a most cruel way: Their true life is as long as their struggle to be realized. Man is more than all the sciences together can say about him. Experiments have shown that within 35 milliseconds after the rays are sent, the snake reacts. Wherever man has appeared, re- ligion and art have followed. On one side, we see homogeneity, quantity, repetition, causality, mechanism; on the other side, we find original- ity, quality, growth, spontaneity, organism.

Islam Between East and Zietbegovic 57 the city, the less nature and sky over it: I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? In Buddhism, prayer consists only of meditation.

Nevertheless, he charts his own course — daring but fascinating. Sometimes, a very young and even featherless bird is in front. Houghton- Mifflin,pp. The other universal idea which dominated the minds of primitive men was the idea of banishment. Darwin between this impersonalized man in his hands and describes his ascent through natural selection to a human being who can speak, make tools, and walk erect.