2SAO(TE6,F,M) Toshiba Bipolar Transistors – BJT Transistor PNP V A datasheet, inventory, & pricing. 2SA datasheet, 2SA pdf, 2SA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, TOSHIBA, TRANSISTOR SILICON PNP EPITAXIAL TYPE (PCT PROCESS). Package. TO TO MOD. TO TO Pc(W). Ta°c). NicmA). – VCEOVA. 2SC 2SA 2SC

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Return to dynahi headphone amplifier. The output transistors are from BG Electronics and are said to be Toshiba I can have a closer look on them and maybe post a picture here You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Your board has them both facing the same direction. Turned around the JFETs on one board, checked all soldering joints again and proceded as per Ti’s advice. Now the bias datasheeh the output transistors is through the roof with about 5V across the poor 20R catasheet I just left it one for a few seconds and am wondering now whether I have fake output transistors.

I have attached an image and compared it to what I found on the net What do you guys think? Next question will be where to find genuine Toshiba ones I assume my 2SC are fakes as well. Have you tried the second 2a1145 yet?


PNP Si Transistor, Sound/AF/Vertical Output (Comp NTE31) – NTE32

Does it exhibit the same problem? That’s why I disconnected it from power when I switched the amp on the first time a few days ago, see previous post. To be honest I never ever had a part fail in any of my builds before which are many, incl. I could provide a few high res images If I see correctly the center hole looks like someone drilled it in the molded body after it was made. The surface inside the hole doesn’t look like it came from the molding machine.

I had both amp boards biased to. When Datashest went back to tweak the bias settings for off set, one channel was blown. I suspect I shorted one of the 2SC’s to ground, but don’t know yet. The other board is finished. Another problem is I grossly under estimated the heat sink for the power supply.

I was measuring around F. New heat sink came today and it’s about 4 times bigger! I’m not an expert on fakes but your 2SA’s appear a bit different than mine. I can’t see your 2SA well enough to make a judgement. A few things to consider. Some people have reported problems with biasing there amps. I think Ti recommends to ohm resistors instead of the ohm’s that parallel the 2 pots.


I used ohms.


With these resistors, I have to turn my pots better than half way to get. Also, make sure you have the pots turned to max resistance counter clockwise on my build before you start. I really suspect that you blew the the 2SA’s and the 2SA’s from your prior problem.

I measured the resistance between my bad board and the good board and found only slight differences. I am going to pull a few to be certain. I’m also wondering about the heat your 20 ohm resistors are generating.

2SA1145 Datasheet

Even on my bad board, mine run cool. Make sure that none of them is shorted to ground on the top side. I doubt if that’s the problem, but it don’t cost anything to check. It’s more likely your output devices are fighting each other for a lack of better words.

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